Lyrics to Shadows Fall
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[Music by Beto Vazquez & Lucas Pereyra, Lyrics by Beto Vazquez & Jason Droguett, Vocal Melody by Jason Droguett]

The Night is coming the cold penetrates me
A real kiss can be deadly like a large wound,
Would you mind dying after feeling the passion of a pure love?
Easy is to pray every night.

Difficult to find faith in small things, even if you're not alone
I'm digging to the past, searching for a mind state, revealing the truth inside
When I look into the mirror I don't seek for what I was.

Rainy afternoon
Under cloudy sky
A destroyed heart
Where the Shadows Fall

If yesterday I ripped your feelings with delicate words
While you woke up feeling real faith I stroke your hope,
The magic of your hands were like the thunder in where I fainted.

If yesterday I ripped your feelings
while you woke up
with delicate words filled with hope,
The magic of your hands and charm of your fingers
were like a lightning flash in where I fainted.

Time is our biggest ally, I believe that will ensure
That the wound heals quickly
Today I see your agitated spirit and I can feel
The pain makes me stronger!

Useless to chase you
While trying to reach you
You fell into the abyss...

You fell into the abyss of unreality
In where those who get lost
Just find the path to oblivion.

Is useless to chase you, 'Cos while trying to reach you
I fell too into the abyss... the abyss where...
...The shadows fall!

[Jason Droguett: Lead and Backing Vocals
Appears courtesy of Jason Droguett
Master 3 Estudio / Chile
Beto Vazquez : Lead Guitar / Bass / Keyboards
Lucas Pereyra : Rhythm Guitars / Orchestral Arrangements
Norberto Roman: Drums]
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