Lyrics to Shadowlit Facade
Shadowlit Facade Video:
Develop every aspect
enhance its foetal form
distort for the purpose of another aim

For you shall know me
see why in shadows I hide
Lest be thy own defeat
Content refined

Truth might falter
give up your vows
update the aura
of the shadowlit facade

Pinned down to your defenced
by the struggle for one other's awe
content in loneliness

For the dawn shall cast no shadow
from your monoligh of lies
descend from the delusion of degradation and despair
For the one that reaps good fortune
on the cost of all good faith
Suffering must lead him on
amidst his loneliness
For the one who speaks besides his tounge
shall learn all in not good and fair
All in vain - the search that never ends

Action, reaction
still no words come clear
in denial of the constant change

Unbegun, undenied, unforseen by thee
the words underneath the shelter be

Spare me
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