Lyrics to Shadowland
[music: Boeru/Tentu, lyrics: Boeru]

Suddenly, the night falls over me
And slowly I'm floating in the air
Among the ages which quickly
Come and disappear.
I meet the immortal core,
The primordial point of the universe
Which in Rig Veda lays written.

Over the life and the death,
Over good and wrong,
Over the seven seas
There is shadow land.

In my way through the frozen land of death
I can see all my dead friends.
They are visions and they quickly come and disappear.
I can hear them calling me,
I can feel their agony.
Am I dead? Yes. I've seen me.
I've seen reflections of my former life,
I cannot fill up my empty space.
Am I shadow? I'm the wind.

Through the night I can see my own eyes watching me,
I can feel my own agony.
Am I god? Yes. Then I'm dead.
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