Lyrics to Shadow Of A Lie
Shadow Of A Lie Video:
[Lyrics: Sando]

[Verse 1:]
Behind every chapter,
Is the shadow of a lie.
Crushing my very soul,
And yet you fail to believe,
In what I am..... What you made me.....
But can't see.
Am I not seen clearly?
...all I want is an answer.

Who am I?
What am I?
What Have I become?
- Another pawn from your neglect.
And still you lay me, down to rest...
As a child you call your own.

[Verse 2:]
All my dreams lay shattered,
From this wasted life.
And what I see through your eyes,
Is all I see of mine.
What I had..... What I once loved.....
What I lost.
Taken too soon from them.
...all I want is an answer.
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