Lyrics to Shades Of Blue
Shades Of Blue Video:
(Music & Lyrics by Trish)

From the sky to the sea, there's no happiness for me.
All my life, all I see only painful memories.
Sad goodbyes, callous words, left me shy and insecure
Scars and tears through the years wish that I could disappear

Everything's shades of blue, no hope no use
Dark as the sky at midnight I cry, rivers and seas, oceans so deep
Everything's cold as ice , so numb inside, pale as the moon
Lifeless and gloomy. Sadness in hazy shades of blue.

Thunder clouds all around casting shadows of a doubt,
Darkest hues of black and blue, bruises left still so confused
Undertows, indigo dreams of losing all control
In a life with no sunrises only sunsets and regrets

(Thanks to Van for these lyrics)
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