Sexy Bartender Pt. 2 (Jay & Her) Lyrics



Lyrics to Sexy Bartender Pt. 2 (Jay & Her)
You gotta' meet halfway sometimes
I'm ain't putting all my effort into digging up a dim-
If it ain't got a -mond at the end or it's just a cubic zirconia
Trying to pretend, listen
Now I done spent so many thousands on your ass
Just for you to turn your back on me and laugh
I knew I should've never took your math
I shoulda' just focused in class in them long ass two hour labs!

You gotta' give me what I want
So I can give you what you need
The typa' shit I gotta love
The typa' shit that's made of dreams
I like my hits the way I like my love
And drugs, craving it fiends
I need to come for your heart
If you want a taste of me
I don't come easy, normally can't stand by
If you can do me like you've never done before
I'll hold you down
If you want me to be yours
You gotta' take one for the team
I'll be loyal to you
If you say you'll keep me next to green
Don't make a scene

What the fuck do you mean?
If I can't have you then I'd rather watch you fuckin' bleed
I'll try my best to drag your heavy body up a tree
Have you hangin' by your neck for all the rappers to see
I'm trying my best to keep calm
But I put you before myself, my mom, and God
How dare you try to make me a mockery
A commodity, a pack of ketchup sitting in a drawer
'Cause it's not in need
My apologies if you scared of me
I love you, but why the fuck are you not loving me!
Let's take it back to Marshall Mathers
When I slit your fucking throat screaming
Bleed bitch, bleed!
And as I watch the blood pour from her neck
I use that same dagger on me
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