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Time Expander

Lyrics to Sexo Y Drogas
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Well it's hormones and chemicals
It's breeding made easy
Some, they call it love
Some they call it sleezy

Sexo y drogas
Lonely man sitting in his car
Sexo y drogas
Tonight he's gonna be a pornstar

Was it the party of your youth
Or maybe it's the current situation
Sometimes it's hard to get it going
That's why you need social lubrication

Sexo y drogas
Lonely woman sitting at the bar
Sexo y drogas
Tonight she's gonna be a pornstar

In the suburbs, in the cities
In the bedrooms and in the privies
In the White House or the locker room
People getting it on people making their move
In your parent's house when they're on vacation
The boss's office taking dictation
Lesbianisimo, homosexualidad
Your grandma and grandpa and your mom and dad
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