Sexism Is Real: Wrestling Is Not Lyrics

Closet Monster

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Lyrics to Sexism Is Real: Wrestling Is Not
Sexism Is Real: Wrestling Is Not Video:
I could never say exactly what its like
to feel the hurt that we create
I'm male,
I'm white,
I'm privileged,
I'm everything that I've learned to disassociate.
But I've seen how you treat her
and I've heard her talk about how it feels
be prey inside a class society.
Implied-second rate citizen,
condemned by her beauty (or lack there of)
to be alienated and judged at sight.
Patriarchy's running rampant in our streets.
A woman is not a coomodity
to be utilized by you.
I've seen your eyes and words
invade her person and strip her bare of the
qualities that make a person real.
Her terars told me that she's not a thing.
It's a matter of respect.
Her tears showed me that inequality is real
and not cliche rhetoric
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