Lyrics to Sex Dreams
Sex Dreams Video:
Indoor flight,
Time to say goodnight, time to call it a day.
Men in drag, smoking in the taxi cab,
Dancers wave as we pass them on the strip.
Fancy white sheets,
You call to talk of your sex dreams,
I remember when you meant something to me.

Now you're dealing packs of cards for dollar bills,
When we all know that sadness doesn't sell,
I think that you need help.
Is it wrong to say I think that you need help?

Record temperatures,
The Memphis blues in our ears,
The washed out junkies sing for a beer.
Laughs of prostitutes,
They're smiling to try and escort you,
But they really just need somewhere to go,
I'm trying to be myself, cause I'm 20 now and I already know the routes around Hell.

So I'm selling everything that I have,
And I'm moving this twisted heart to the Northwest
to have an affair with my new found prince,
And we'll drink away our nights with poker hands and sinner grins, and no one can say anything,
Yeah, no one can say anything.
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