Severed Head Memento Lyrics

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Lyrics to Severed Head Memento
Severed Head Memento Video:
Prisoner, now your mine to feed my sick desires
Dismemberment is what i have in store for you
Not before i rape and beat and sodomize
Traumatize, tender meat for my feast
For my feast
Force feed feces, gluttony
Enraged with sickness passed down to me
Beating you about the head and face, feel my rage
Viscous strangulation
Watching your life expire
Your placed on a meat hook
Now it's time, preparation for my feast begins
I salivate
Severed limbs
Draining all the blood from your body
Smearing it all over mine
One last kiss, before i rip your fucking head off
My memento
Gut you like a fish, yanking all your bowels to the floor
I cut them into tiny morsels
Tiny morsels for my feast
Cooking all her innards to a lightly crisp perfection
Gorging my filthy face
In your death i have life
Gazing at your severed head in the middle of my table
Anticipating more hunger that never ends
Hunger th at never ends
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