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Lyrics to Severed Hand
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Big man stands behind an open door
Said, leave your lady on the cement floor

got some kicks, want to take a ride?
I said, yeah!
take your pick, leave yourself behind
I said, yeah!

I\'ve no fear but for falling down
So look out below I am falling now
Oh please understand I just need, my friend,
a way a way a way home

Tried to walk, found a severed hand
Recognized it by the wedding band

Said it\'s ok, do you want some more?
I said, yeah!
Said You\'ll see dragons after 3 or 4
I said, yeah!

Under stand I\'m not falling down
I said, look around, the rooms taller now,
I can\'t close my eyes, \'cause I see the sound in waves
In waves, lets me stay calm

If I don\'t lose control
Explore and not explode
A preternatural other plane
With the power to maintain

Like a tear in all we know
Once dissolved we are free to grow
What is human, what is more?
I\'ll answer this when I get home

(Thanks to Gus for these lyrics)
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