Lyrics to Seven Signs
Seven signs spelled my name
It's been a long dive down
With the wind and shakes
Rhododendron in the earthquake
I'd give my life just to keep you safe
Naked light on the interstate
I saw a sign for a house and a lawyer's face
Gun shops and are you saved?
Cutting in line for the judgment day
America, what do you need to say?
What do you need today?
Signs I cannot escape
Where am I on the way?

Well, I'm cutting in line
But I haven't decided
I'm breaking my mind
No, I shouldn't have tried it
All of my life just to be reminded to wait

Seven signs, Earth repeats
When birth was the sign to my family
Alive but always in between
The hurricane passed through my sleep
Feel insane with my company
Babylon on the gilded screen
Everything means everything
Written on the wall as a sign to leave
Sign of life when you call my name
Take away my mind, take away my pain
Rhododendron in the mountain shade
I'd give my life just to keep you safe
Seven songs now know our name

What can I mean today?
Signs I cannot erase
When did I walk away?

Well I'm breaking the line
I already decided, I'm cutting my mind
Now I'm wholly divided, all my life
Now to be reminded to wait
To wait
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