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Lyrics to Set Me Free
Set Me Free Video:
(feat. Prodigy & Nyce)

[13 seconds instrumental]

It's all! - Ready in motion, you cowards getting laid down
Soundscan looking weak - at a high escape now.
Play around, lay around, niggas getting left out
Dudes trying to steal the kid swag like a klepto.
Won't be satisfied until I let the Tec blow
Ride through your hood - with no problemo
Creeping on you niggas, don't get caught Sueno
Yeah, you know it's nothing for me to clap the metal.
Mobb etched in stone, we heavy in the ghetto,
I've been trying to tell 'em, way before the label shelved them.
Get your weight up first and then talk to me
You not caked up, your whole team booty!
Ya'll done say shit, I react with the toolie.
I know your history, you can't fool me,
Table for them groupie niggas can't fool me!

[Chorus: Nyce Da Future]
I'm a keep on banging, til they set me free (free...)
I'm a ride 'til I die - head to the sky - 'til he set me free. (free...)
Uh, g'eah! Uh, g'eah! Still riding on 'til the Lord give me greens
I'm a ride, homie, 'til the Lord give me greens!
I'm a ride, homie, 'til the Lord give me greens!
I'm a ride, homie, 'til the Lord give me greens!
Two guns up! - Label me a fucking king. (yeah!)

Amen! - Ain't nothing popping off over there, but your mouth
P the newest shit cracking like them niggas Down South.
H keep making these beats for me to kill
Our studios like a morgue, cause songs get bodied.
I shoot up your bass. - Stab up your drums
P keep writing that shit that you could feel.
And reach out and touch - cause this shit real!
I pity the fool that ain't hit the Mobb Deep.
You niggas is food, we vultures, we gon' eat!
We show you how to move in a room full of lions.
Infamous! Can't nobody stop our glory! (uh-'uh!)
Whoever said they could, they was telling stories
This is not a fable, these our the facts
Prodigy and Havoc leave you bleeding on your back.
When Prodigy and Havoc come to catch a little wreck,
I break ya little neck and take ya little shine
You dumber then a mule, you fucking with some dons
Hav' is a Don from way beyond
P is a Don P, like the Don Perigion.
Catch a nigga slipping, pop bottles when they gone!


[Nyce Da Future:]
Uh, g'eah! - I see me in a casket - niggas touching my corpse
Going down in history - as the "King Of New York".
NBK, the Unit! - We the new Supreme Team
Dream team machines with a beam blow ya spleen
Out ya Maskeen jeans - you green fiend
Uh, nothing but cash, is what I'm hearing!
Getting money now! - So I dump the cannon out the Phantom.
FUCK the Feds! - I keep the strap both sides of my hip,
When I'm squeezing, the only time I ghost ride the whip.
Dump dump reload, the wrong fire strength,
Uh! - Eyes bloodshot, ride let the sub plot.
Die from a bloodclot, try to make this thug, stop.
My enemies scared and they panicking
Remember me? - Leave this nigga stiff like a mannequin,
Homie! - It's over! - Nigga back on the stretcher
AK's and Macks with the all black oppressor
When a nigga die, bury me with a beretta.
So when I get to hell, man, I got a vendetta,
And that's how it's going down, it's thug life forever. - G'eah nigga!

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