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Lyrics to Set It Off
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Alright eh, 2 Dope turn up the echo, and I know I'm good for one of them , ol ass , funky mojo beats. Alright, so lets set it off.
Violent J with the pull to the ghetto set it on a brick suck a dick, 'cause your fuckin soft.
They all say Violent J ain't with it .
When you was rollin with your dad, your momma let me suck her titty,
Fools always talk shit get beat, and if I'm out numbered there's a 9 in the back seat.
'cause when I'm feelin like a mack dad, in the trunk of my ride I got weapons Id'a never had.
And I just start gunnin em down,
a blast in the car, now everybody's runnin' around,
And there's always them bitches that are screamin
Some fool turned his back wishin he were dreamin.
If anybodys listenin down south, talk shit about the city with my nuts in your wifes mouth
Keep stringin on your banjo 'cause we don't like that shit where I come from bro.
NWA thought the boy Ice Cube yo, you kinda sound like Barry mother fuckin Manalo.
Why do you call yourself a nigga, I ask you' that's the only type of bullshit that you can lay tracks to.
Short nappy haired mother fuckers.
Your shit sound like you got your beat from my Nintendo game.
Yo when I posse up in valario, I got bitches on my dick like I'm drivin a fereriae,
well I guess it's 'cause I'm sorta famous.
I'm sendin out dope shit, how the fuck can ya blame em.
When the fuckin bitches come and drive by , liftin up their shirts and letting tittys fly,
Like I really want to see the shit, a drunk ass slut and her fuckin titty,
And when it comes down to the sex part, they say love shit and try to soften my heart.
But a bitch will always give more head, with a cold double barrel pressed againt their forhead.
that's the way to get it done around here.
In my neck of the woods Id'a never met fear.
Me and the boys the rumblin we always drop the hoes even though I might be fumbling.
You know Violent J won't slip, yo G, they hate his I Q-tip,
'cause his punk ass went ahead and sold out, now his family's at the funeral and he's getting rolled out, and everybody's fake cryin', 'cause nobody really gives a fuck of him dyin'
There rollin hp's. it'll never end, 'cause I saw Johnny butt fuckin one of his friends,
So there on my case about it, because I told everyone he likes to suck a good dick.
Now were all grippin in a 68 bucket
Seen a fine bitch, but I said fuck it, 'cause I know how that story goes,
First she buys me dinner, then I fuck that hoe.
But I was in a hurry to get down town , A yo Mexican festival, you don't want to miss the show, with brews and faygo we was chillin too much never stop and my homie Kid villain
there's mother fuckers starin at me all night, given me a look like I was fuckin his wife.
I didn't know the bitch he was with so I told him,
Keep starin at me and you'll catch a bullet in your stroller,
But everything went cool,
Woulda caught em' once more Id'a took his ass to school.
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