Lyrics to Serrated Spoon
Serrated Spoon Video:
I'll pick little parts of you
out with a serrated spoon
I'll fill jars with formaldehyde
and keep those parts of you inside
I'll make cards detailing each
a museum of your abnormalities
I'll build shelves for safekeeping
I'll build a room and a building
People will read about it in magazines
and come to see it with their families
for admission I will charge a fee
A line will form way down the street
Parents will shield their children's eyes
by scientists ill be idolized

I want to know you just like this forever
I never ever want to know you any better
I don't want to find out what its like to have you
cause then I'll have to find out what you're like to lose

I'll expect so much of you
more than any one person can do
There are things about you that I will see
that I'll hate because they're much like me
I'll set you up to fail I will
but when you do I'll love you still
The museum will fail and wreck my fame
and of course its you that I will blame
You're extraordinary blemishes,
the worst as gruesome as it is,
is not as ugly as it should be
You're just no good for anything


I don't have a good excuse
for the spiteful things i say to you
Every time that I open my mouth
there's something rotten waiting to come out
I think nice things all the time
but the mean ones always cut in line
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