Lyrics to Serenity
Serenity Video:
I came to you with all my problems
And all i got was a script to repeat
I didn't come this far to surrender
I'm content standing on my own feet

Oh yeah! I got my own two feet!
Keep telling me to give up my will
Conquer the weakness cuz the weak get killed
I've got my problems but not with my vision
Laying down and giving up just isn't for me

No way! i'ts not for me
I've got my heart and my fire
And no power is higher
I came to you when i was in trouble
Fed me bullshit and i felt used
There's no excuses now I know myself
I don't need you to trust in myself


No matter how much you tell It's hopeless
You've gotta keep fighting thats the only way
I came to you with a whole lot of problems
Fed me bullshit made me feel used
No excuses now I've got a clue
I don't need your meetings and I dont believe in you!
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