Lyrics to Serendipity Peace
Serendipity Peace Video:
Oh if life could be like a merry-go-round
I'd ride it all over again
And all I'd find was the peace of mind
I'd known when I was younger in sin

Won't you take me ahead to the future of man
To see what becomes of us all
And I don't think I'll cry if'n we're not alive
It will be through no fault of God's

And the saving grace of a Marlin's break
Is an insight that's so good to know
And the sun makes diamonds all over the water
And off in the distance is snow

On the bitter cold crags of a mountain's face
I waited for something to feel
And the breathing of love
Came and fostered my brow
And left serendipity peace

And the time for playing is virtually over
It cannot continue for long
So people of terra, the loved and unsung ones
Beware the direction is wrong

But the fear is not such a comical trial
It ebbs and it flows with our souls
And it comes and it's greater or lesser in volume
It depends on what you love the most
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