Lyrics to Sequence V: Blue Wide Open
Sequence V: Blue Wide Open Video:
The sky is blue wide open
A grand vision to sink into
Lonely views to stir th eye
Moments of grace outside of the real
The sea is blue wide open
Completeness all around
One step further and the weight gives way
To all the dreams that are

Riding on a sea spray
Falling from the sky
Riding on a sea spray
Blue wide open sea and sky

just like an echo of light
Canned in the heart of the stone
A wayward pules beating in the stillness
Beneath the snow something's breaking through

All in the wind through the the Streen fo Magellan
Beneath the Southern Cross we sail the wild wild sea
To reach all things out of rerach the promise of the name on and ever on
The distant harbour lights of Valparaiso
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