Lyrics to Sepulchral Wispers
Sepulchral Wispers Video:
The Moon Rises Full
In The Dark Night Sky
Casting Shadows Upon
The Snow Covered Trees
The Winter Winds Bring Solitude
An Eerie Silence That
Haunts My Soul
The Windswept Frost
Engulfs My Body
As I Walk Into
The Enchanted Woods
A Blanket Of White
Covers My Path
As I Kneel Before
The Altar Of Stone
In Robes Of Black
I Light Candles In Meditation
Sealed Within
The Sacred Symbol
Within The Magic Circle
I Call To The Forces Beyond
Sepulchral Whispers
Pierce The Silence
Of The Chill Night Air
Diabolic Rites
Invoke Through Spell
The Darkened Gates
Entrance To Another Dimension
Darkness Engulfs The Candles' Flames
In A Realm Of Shadows
Demonic Servants Obey My Commands

[Lyrics: Ixithra, Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows]
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