Lyrics to Seppuku
Seppuku Video:
[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]

I been killing myself slowly, crazy
I been feeling myself, only, lately
Everything seems second rated
Safety hazard flaky
Drunk decision but fuck it fucking maybe
You only live till eighteen
Posted stupid Katies
With crackheads, rabies, babies babies kiss my aching headache
I got a Jesus on my neck
I gotta flex on my G
I got a S on my chest
I gotta flex that chest piece
I can't be pawning my hooks
And spending nights with my queen
I keep that bishop in sight
And past that checkmate my dreams
I wrote this shit in a coma
Smoking on marijuana
Rolled in my homies diploma
Rolled in my homies Carolla

[Verse 2: Kami de Chukwu]

Still sip that pack of Coronas
Front seat me ride by my lonesome
Just me, peddle to the medal be that lid foot speed
Got me chasing all my devils it be hell in these streets
Crucify a rebel it be hell to see
Break neck, whiplash if they hit that tree
Cuz the lick passed be the creed to the OG
As he plants seeds in your mind make yo brain bleed
Need a vaccine just to keep them facts clean
Break em out they chains but they brain rattling
Channel them questions
To ask and learn lessons
Quite fast, instant message
Such lovely progression
The day that they reckon be marching on closer
Dream on nigga as them days rolling over
And them nights on yonder got em sleep on they motive
The rudely awakened SaveMoney takeover


[Verse 3: Vic Mensa]
Thoughts out of hell deep thinking from the grave
I can't think of nothing must be something in the way
Never mind nirvana, we thinking getting paid
If I was working at McDonald's I'd be Kurt Cobain
Sitting in the back seat letters written in a bit of ritalin shivering how we living in an age
Knock, Knock
Opps at the door, get it, whoop whoop, pop pop
Rock em like a baby nigga goo goo gah gah
Life's beginnings become short so I roll another long one to stop me stressing
I can't be alone when I'm off of this medicine
At home and I roam on and off and eat ketamine
They hold aye ho save those pesos
Take those stimulants with those sedatives
Running from the ambulance
The camera man is chasing me
Afghanistan is riding round the hood in my residence

[Verse 4: Tokyo Shawn]
Don't tweak on me
Wake up don't sleep on me
Don't think its sweet
SaveMoney my tendencies
SaveMoney an embassy
On my enemies, that I tend to see
We some titans so remember me
That recipe, Ecstasy, with telepathy
So I know you feel me, no need to speak
Hold up! Let me tell you what it means to me
Everything ain't what it seems to be
But the weak gon believe what he can see
That's weak to me
Get a view of my scenery
You see my team
Trying to find a piece of mind and a piece of peace
Go to sleep and dream


[Outro: Caleb James]

White bitches pop Vicodin
Black bitches like Nike's ans Timbs
I'm still hitting 40s man
I'm still sipping the 40s man
I'm still hitting your shorty man
Bending corners in Dayton rims
SaveMoney my partner them
SaveMoney I'm not gon' spend
You know we gets it poppin'
From land where pistols poppin'
Drink Goose and chips is stakin'
Empty yo pockets lackin'
My niggas gets it crackin'
We in the party poppin'
We got the party rockin'
[?] got the party poppin'
(All my niggas stay grinding)
What the fuck yo niggas do?
(All my niggas stay shining)
What the fuck yo niggas do?
(All my niggas they SaveMoney)
What the fuck yo niggas do?
(If we ain't got it we take money)
What the fuck yo niggas do?
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