Lyrics to Sentimental Fool
Sentimental Fool Video:
I've got things
To tell you about me
But I'm much too shy
In my heart
I'm red and romantic
But I don't know why

Oh oh
I might disappoint you
Rain on your parade
Show my true affection yeah
That?s what I really am

A sentimental fool
Breaking the rule
Changing my stlye
For a while
A sentimental fool
Playing it cool
Whatever I do
I do it for you
A sentimental fool

In my head
I dream about roses
And a wedding ring
I just want
To walk in the moonshine
Saying foolish things

Oh oh
I'm not that dramatic
I'm not that extreme
I'm not wild and wicked?yeah
That?s how I really am

Chorus: Repeat

Chorus: Repeat
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