Lyrics to Sentenced
Sentenced Video:
Misconception of thoughts
Collide confronting
A new vision of colors
Onwards on the same page
Where no one understands
A single letter

Taking a stance on unwritten
Statements of power
Denying sworn promises
Unrelated circumstances
Bow down, the enemy has grown.
Retrieve the rights we never got.

Oppressed or oppressor
Doesn't matter anymore
Judge right or wrong
Same side of the horrors
Narrow minded houses
Once peaceful now divided
By pre-made words
Seen on television

You are a number
You are a code
You are a sheep
We are the flock
No matter who holds the scepter
No matter who is above.
Nothing was designed
To benefit everyone
Well they need the poor
And disagreement to rule
Condemned to this fate
Left to our own luck.
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