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Lyrics to Sense of It All
Sense of It All Video:
Sometimes I fell
It's hard to go on
Even to get out of bed
Search through my head
Focus my eyes
Can't take another step

I don't feel right but say I am fine
If you should happen to ask
I don't know why my chest feels tight
Breath coming in ragged gasps

I've got to run
I don't know where
Away from this troubled place
Can't take anymore
The simplest thing
Has me breaking into a sweat

I don't like these shaking fits
My body's about to drop
I cry and scream and then complain
To make some sense of it all

I fall to the floor crawl I seek I implore

I've traveled far
But the silent ones
Have caught up and come to call
Their quiet screams
And patience unbound
Demand I bare it all
(you know)
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