Lyrics to Send A 's.o.s'
Send A 's.o.s' Video:
A'l Send an S.O.S. to the World [REPEAT X2]
[DJ Scratch]

Came for the money and the fame
We'r on top of our game (What else)
Infact, leave the fame
Give us Money just a slice of the change (What else)
Infact, leave the change Give us stacks
It's so simple and plain
You gone remember the name
Two feet inprint in the game
Cause we'r the best Leave the rest show a lil respect (to who)
To other artist wanting stardom and hope for the checks
And when making the records and when facing elections
We gonna be the prime menace-ti all the contenders (yeah)
Cause we here and we won't stop untill we make it
Untill the bookies hold bets and they call us the favorite
And some already have
Some calling us chavs
Others wanting to rap
But they fall to the Task (yeah)
They say that Hip-hop is dead, not heard our CD yet (come on)
The only up and comers coming so fucking elect
Cause this is Werd n Deeko people show your respect
You called on us for our help A fucking S.O.S.

Sending out an S.O.S [x8]

It's been six years long years since a wrote my note
Put a message in bottle started letting it float
Think a'v came real far
But we'r nowhere near (yeah)
Might ken who we are But am still right here
So a still write here
Sitting still right here
Spent more than av made Because it starts off 'Dear' (True)
End off the letter am like 'so sinceer'
Laughing at old rappers but a'd do it for years
Untill tills fill Cause I'll skill
Sold quik as pills will
At Puppy uptown Gettin fucked like your girl will
No run of the mill skill
But still got nill bills
Just the water gas electric
So nights a still chill
In a mess like Brazil's hill
So fuck it I will kill
For a record deal (Blood) a'd let a lil spill
A need money For me spittin with skill still
Rap won't keep me happy, But a ken that a mill will

Sending out an S.O.S [x8]

Uh Deeko we here

So it begins

Finaly got that CD out fucking learning curve

Starting off

Till next time this time any time
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