Lyrics to Senator Speak
Senator Speak Video:
senator speak your mind if i smoke filled room
with a view on the top floor me
the president seal the deal yourself a better
hand jobless homeless man on the moon beam

the capital gains some weight around
forever and a day break a leg of lamb
off in the distance runner uplift your
spirit of '76 trombones lead

i, you bet i been speaking in tongues

well, the deficit yourself right down in the front
row row row your boat is sinking
the cold war of the world beat around the
Bush campaign in the ask yourself absorbing (junior)
the economy, myself and i gotta go
thank you very much
Songwriters: Vander Ark, Brad / Dunning, A.J. / Vander Ark, Brian / Brown, Donny
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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