Lyrics to Semidelicious
Semidelicious Video:
hear about it everyday
shoom shoom buddha buddha jesus christ yeah
ain't it just the way?
bang bang jitterbug black and white
when you don't know what to say
go blah blah flippy floppy hold me tight
you just can't look away
when the dirty doggers do it in the car park lights

gotta make our way to the institution
check us all in make a contribution
redefine your rights in the constitution
better look good for the final solution

that's life - semidelicious
i like it - semidelicious
too much fun make your heartbeat stop
too tasty with the cream on top

chop it up and walk the line
hip hop allah allah lord be praised
now who's got the time?
flim-flam magic mix out of phase
maybe it works out fine
sing song chemistry lucky day
didn't see the signs
all the madness and the metal on the motorway

gotta get in front beat the competition
gotta get a seat guaranteed admission
keep a cool head make some good decisions
focus on the plan and the final mission

unhand me - semidelicious
i can't stand it - semidelicious
half the calories half the taste
half-dead half-arsed half-cut half-baked
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