Lyrics to Semi
Semi Video:
semi was a poor man but a loving man was he

he ripped his hands up in the cane fields just to feed his family

said he'd do anything for his house of three

but oh my darling semi how could you not know the penalty

dark brown skin boils under the sun,

just another routine run for the man we call semi

hard to understand where he's coming from, never had it all.

so don't try to test his steez, working hard to feed his seeds,

to grow up to be living away from poverty, and bask in some luxery,

was a semi

like you and me when we all heard the news of what happened late that day

that my friend semi's hands were faster than his legs

semi's grieving son asks for daddy as he cries

when big old boss man shot poor semi he didn't bat an eye

click click bang bang in the back from the man who gots stacks who never asked or never figured...

was he a family man? or just kept his finger on the trigger!

born and raised in the mother land just trying to play his part, from the start shooting for a star.

but, little did he know, he had the galaxy up in his heart....

was a semi

take a double shift for a certain,

body strung out, feet killing back hurting.

busting your ass, make your fingers real raw,

hardest man a boy ,boy ever saw.

Labeled a bad man for the quick hand,

crime in his pocket never had a chance to ran.

no more family tree for the man call semi,

shot down by The Man, and His Greed.

was a semi
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