Lyrics to Semester
Semester Video:
In my life, I think I've seen people get by,
while I'm running short for cash on my poor broken stash.
I don't wanna spoil that smile that you got.
I'll just save it for another time on my noble clock.
Oh, it's the easiest hard way out.
I'm on the outside of whatever I used to be in.
Soaking up in the moments when shooting stars could take away the greatest sin.
But I'm on the outside of whatever.

Tired of breaking the ice by saying what I'm not.
It will melt itself after a pointless talk.
I lost track of which part of the cycle we're at,
when motivation becomes another task.
Oh, you're such a fuck. Wait, let me chill out.

But I'm on the outside.
You're in the middle.
You're all in the middle of it all. Sometimes I can't speak when my head's hitting the walls.

My mind's all. My mind's all.
And you're all.
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