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Lyrics to Sell It For What It's Worth
Sell It For What It's Worth Video:
So what did we learn and what has become of this after all is raped and sold
To the highest bidder or the trendiest fucker or whatever
It's good for this was ours to live and be part of
not impersonal and distant (untouchable) or what you made it
Scrapped every ounce of sincerity and asked in a bigger crowd
With smaller minds that easily consume your lie

I'm still here watching our energy and dignity dissolve into your pockets
Thank you for selling everything I hold and value
My youth my world
Take these words to my grave

Cause your filth never scratched me
Never tempted me, never needed it
Wouldnt stoop to your level
Was never about that
Never will be
Never sold our dignity
Never wanted your instant stardom
Fuck you and everyone who did
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