Lyrics to Self Reliance
Self Reliance Video:
In an age and a time , when the stakes are high
Look in the mirror and never say Die
Got respect for yourself among everything else
You know you can't lose when your gripping my truth
But the truth of te matter is something to see
I'm scaling the wals of integrity
I may stumble and slip down now and again
But I'm not giving up , I'm not giving in

Do for yorself , need no one else , believe in yourself

People around you are pissing you off
You gotta stay real , You can't go soft
Now the past is behind us there's no going back
We gotta find new strength to forge on ahead
So kick open the door of dependancy
We gotta rise up , Up off of my knees
Get off of the tit , Get out on your own
Fire and will makes you strong

Do for yourself , Need no one else , believe in yourself

In a time of trouble , I will never stumble
I ain't bowing down , I will not be humbled
In this age of Love , I ain't finding none
But I ain't gong down , I ain't going out

It's my time , It's my life it's my world
Self Reliant , Stand Alone
It's my time , It's my life , It's my world
Self Reliant , On our own
Queens Style Mother Fucker

Come On , Come On...
Come On , Come On , You want me
Come On , Come On Come and ...

Do for yourself , Don't need no one else , believe in yourself ....Believe
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