Lyrics to Self Loathing Rulz
Self Loathing Rulz Video:
I want to thank myself for being so hard on myself.
There's no one else could know how much I really must improve.
I see my faults come through in every aspect of my life.
I just see the downside of every single thing I do.

But when you're down this slope,
No one can make you feel worse.
Yeah, when you hate yourself,
Nobody can touch you.
Yeah, when you're down this slope,
The haters haven't got you.
I guess that's why, in a way,
I say self loathing rules.

I should point out that overall I'm not so negative
I know that there are mostly good things for me in this world.
I feel like, all in all, I'm only being realistic.
I'm glad to see the merits of the things I'm trying to do.

(Repeat chorus X 3)
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