Self Destructive Corp. Lyrics

Dope Stars Inc.


Lyrics to Self Destructive Corp.
Self Destructive Corp. Video:
There is no turning point
for my obsession
you're gone... I'm lost
What I've been looking for?
I've lost all the things I've fought (for)

There's a sinful ghost
inside the force
that tell's me: ?Hardcore!!
Reload your gun:
Forget what you were asking for !?
I'll sacrifice my soul.
So I sell it now
and I will never get it back
I can feel the whole rapture growing
and my blood starts to run fast
I will dance till coma, fuck yeah!

Salvation, Damnation
I'm going down, I'm just a Whore
and baby don't ask me why...
I've just sold my soul.

There's brand new host
so full of force
that yells me: ?Hardcore!!?
you have just become and got
what you were asking for
But you have lost your soul
but you should be proud
cause you will never lose again
I can feel your power flowing
and your blood starts to burn fast
You will dance till coma, fuck yeah
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