Lyrics to Self-Made
Self-Made Video:
Do you know
that this is the end?
I know you are not going
to get down on your knees
you're not going to repent
but hey!
you left me nothing
so there's plenty og things to regret
I was fighting
but you left me for dead

There was a time
when I saw light in you
there was a time
when it was all about you
but we're not getting closer
we're just getting older
we're going to perish in the flames
and until you grasp
what it is that you do
everyone you need in life
will fade away from you
'cause we're not getting closer
you're just getting older
you're going to perish in the flames

Is it worth it
is there anything ore I can say
to make you see that you should see
what it was that you
we're doing to me
but everything is different now
and I'm not who I used to be
well, the change is that I need you
just as much as you ever needed me

This is what I'm dreaming of
this is what i'm running from
this is the end
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