Lyrics to Seer Believer
Seer Believer Video:
I don't know who you are
You caught my eye from afar

You're the clear winter sky
I'm a cloud
I'm the snow set to fly
You're the ground
This might not be so very true
But this is me and that is you

Tell me that you have heard this too:
You're too good to be true

You're the clear inner eye
I'm a shroud
I'm the tears that won't dry
When you're proud
This could be a white lie
But there you are and here am I
You're the clear winter sky
You're the ground
Cross my heart, hope to die
There you are and so am I

You're the wind giving speed
To my kite
I'm the toy that will stray
From your sight
You're the truth, searching seer
I'm the lie
You're the surgeon
So open my eyes
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