Lyrics to Seek Your Kingdom
Seek Your Kingdom Video:
I've been anxious
I can't sleep
Worthless worries
Burden me

I hunt the sun
Chase the wind
Till my tired spirit spins into the ground

When I try to
Take control
Fear and terror
Grip my soul

I need joy
I need peace
I need rest, I need relief
I look to You
And You teach me to

Seek your Kingdom
Seek your righteousness

See the ravens
They can't farm
Don't have silos
Truck or barns

But our God
Sees their needs
And He loves them
And He feeds them everyday

See the lilies
How they grow
They don't work or
Buy their clothes

But if God
By his grace
Clothes the grass with great array
Then how much more
Is there in store

When I
Seek your Kingdom
Seek your righteousness

When I'm worried about tomorrow (Seek your Kingdom Seek your righteousness)

I'll fix my eyes on You

You'll take me home
Songwriters: Chad Gardner
Publisher: Lyrics © MUSIC SERVICES, INC.
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