See You When I Get There Lyrics

The Wallflowers

Red Letter Days

Lyrics to See You When I Get There
See You When I Get There Video:
I'm looking up
At the moving clouds
I've been hit so hard
This time
I just might stay down
If you were me
I would come back
To get you
If this is love
Then I don't remember
You won't find anyone
To treat you beter
We've alreadt been through
Hell and high wated

I ain't sorry baby
Don't think that
We ain't done anything
That I'd take back
Go on pretend
That you ain't changed
And don't worry 'bout me
I'll se you when I get there

I'm looking up
At the mving clouds
I've been down so long
But I still think you
Might come around
So I'm making plans
For when you feel better
You just might want
Someone more familiar
You won't find anyone
Else to take you back

Now sometimes you're an angel
But you're usually
A pain in the ass


I need your love
Much more than I want it
You left me here
With another bad habit
Now you found paradise
And crawled to the shoreline
I saw a white flash
And the I saw the lids of my eyes


Songwriters: Dylan, Jakob
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