Lyrics to See You
See You Video:
See you
Free you
Then I think you'll find you have
The time to be you
And your days will stay so high
Filled with love of life and God inside
And the little things that bug you
Don't you let them get you down
I'll be there to hug you
When I think you're on the brink of down

Love you
Want you
A million different reasons why I need you
I will keep you safe and sound
Fields of jasmine round
To tie your hair
To see you there
In the haze that comes with summer
In the blue mist of your slumber
I will come to you in wonder
And I think I'll sometimes ponder
Are you me?

Dawn rise, sun sighs
I can see into your eyes
Green and gold morn, reflected o'er born
We speak in few words, we still the very birds
In love's belauded world, against the madding world
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