Lyrics to See Thru Skin
See Thru Skin Video:
you're undecided, you ride a fence but that fence dividesno side is still a sidea look in your eyes says, "i hold myself above you"you can't see through skinhey! don't think that i ain't counting all the thing syou dohey! i hold a flood lamp to you and burn you in your awful truthborn without a choice of race, held to blame and put in placesee through skin and look at all that lies withini know that this can't cure it, but if it bends an ear then hear ityou, watch what you do, watch what you doyou've gotta unlearn it, it's a sickness that keeps returningyou need open heartenough with your joking, you're gonna wind up chokingsome words still can killhey! what kind of friend would understand a joke, could stand a joke, socruel?hey! color's just another number tattooed with a blunt old tool

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