Lyrics to See the Lights
See the Lights Video:

Well I came down here from Manhattan
To see the lights on the mall
But when I got here early this morning
Well I couldn't see any at all
So I walked a little further
And much to my surprise
There was a hot cool woman in a Chevy
Staring into my eyes

I've just got to see the lights
I've just got to see the lights
I've just got to see the lights


She said now don't walk any further
Just jump into my car
And we can head on down the highway
But you'd better not go to far
'Cause my daddy he's big business
So we've gotta be back by tonight
But we can still have some fun now
If we head on downtown to see the lights

Repeat Chorus

[guitar solo]

Repeat Chorus

Well we ended up in this cafe
'Bout twenty-five minutes to one
See, she took me to this nightclub
And the music went on and on
Well we were set down to get coffee
When in walked her old man
No matter how we tried to explain it
Well we couldn't make him understand

Repeat Chorus


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