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Lyrics to See me, see you
See me, see you Video:
One kiss on my lips,

and i'm going like whaaa!

One kiss on my skin

and i'm going like Laaaa!

It's so cool,

that i'm beginning to be a fool.

A fool off you,

yes, this love is so true.


This is what I wan't, so leave me alone,

I can't stand advice,

cause they are al lies.

I don't wan't to see the other good people,

cause i'm not one off them,

I don't care,

I don't share,

my secrets..

They are all emotions that iv'e been truh.

A little kiss,

a little hug,

thats al I need,

but I'm falling for the bad guy's,

al the lies..

Chorus 3x

KussieJJsSszZz van Tass (awake_chik)
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