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Lyrics to Seduce and Distract
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here's a story that's loaded with lies
lies can lift a horrible life up to greatness
lies, they saved mine

here's the reason you walk on the earth
here's a story that ends with your birth
it was nothing
it was a god damn adfkjhadf

your dad was a forgotten son, a hit and run, a holy one
by age three, he was feral and free
they handed him the keys, they let him be
all the men
on the street
weren't much but they understood
that your dad
the unnamed freak
could not be raised by a neighborhood

the earth is a rock
it's the dirtiest stone in space
and its pretty little birds sing and chirp sweet nothings in the trees

when i'm down with the whimpering pigeons
the seed on my clothes sends em in droves

it's a grey feather-flapping fire
it's a gentle immolation

give my dirt to the city
let my guts turn the water brown

because the heart of this city
pumps the sick dreams of a small town
through power lines and pipes under the ground

when your dad was thirteen
he hitchhiked to new york city
rushed in through his nose and then came pouring out his eyes
he felt lucky to be alive
but the grand central ceiling stood too damn high, he fell into its sky
where he took himself a noble shit in a choir of clamoring flatulence
it was ugly, putrid, and bathed in light
vile, visceral, not unlike

how he made you

found another in the dead of night
cut the tether, let your spirit fly
blown aimless through the sky
like a child's kite

laugh your ass off, you funny fucker
life is but a joke

clean my heart out, you dumb blood sucker
kiss me with a mouthful of smoke

sometimes when i'm weak and worn by the day
just a corpse on the couch, winding down and then away
i feel a tenuous pride in the life i have made
my mind is a tidy little double bolted cage

but peace and quiet only set the stage
for a thunderous avalanche of rage
this must be the reason i was made
to get right up from sleep and go insane

SON, your anger is your saving grace
all or nothing, you were never brave
just mad enough to win
before that madness did you in

here's the world's most photographed figure
let's take here picture

here's a story working in your head
let it take to the screen, let it put you to bed
let your brain play dead

didn't come here for friends, she came here to win
i don't blame the t.v. for doing her in

the truth is i was not there so i did not see
i was wondering down a residential street
had not taken off my shoes in a week

somewhere there is a city of trees
somewhere there's a babbling creek
i don't know them though
i don't have them

but what i have i will try to make pretty
what i have i'll try to give to you truly
i have people
and i think they're all crazy

the kid's in love with flashing lights
waves his baby fists to fight
something caught on fire in his brain

im in love with crying babe
singing, crying, loving pain
never could have saved him from the flames
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