Lyrics to Section 60
Section 60 Video:
Here with the fucking Met Police
Here to incite Breach of the peace
Got the 94 Criminal Justice Act
We hate Anarchists/protestors
Think your crap

Be there Mayday 2001
Assemble Piccadilly 2pm
With the help of the SWP
We'll give you a kick in
We're free to do what we want

Thank you Queen, thank you State
Thank you for Section 60

Could have always stayed at home
Or got on with a job
You decide to join a mob
We're gonna crack your skull
Naughty boys & girls

Warned of the consequence
Told to expect violence
Don't complain
We're only doing our job
We love stitching people up

Here with the fucking Met Police
Here to uphold the Queen's peace
Don't like those
Who disobey
Gonna make the scum pay

Be there Mayday 2001
See what public order's all about
TV camera's be on us
If necessary take your numbers off
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