Secret Medicine Lyrics



Lyrics to Secret Medicine
I saw you out there
You weren't looking, but I knew what it meant
Secret medicine
It only comes to those of us who leave
Who leave, who leave
Who leave

I know I'm upset
When I can look at you and not be impressed
Never lose all hope again
Goin' low, so alone

You thought it was intended
You thought I'd give it all, give it all away
But you set apart solo
Solo, solo

I know I'm a mess
I change my mind, been up, back at it again
It's crazy how the whole world can end
When you're missin' your old sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet friend
Sweet friend
Sweet friend
Oh, goin' low

I saw you out there
You didn't say a word, but I didn't feel a thing
It's crazy how the heart can mend
All alone, on its own
I came back around
Knowin' you'd wreck my shit all over again
It's funny how I'll never regret
Goin' low for you