Lyrics to Secret
Secret Video:
Verse 1: Washed away, down the drain nothin never stays the same. I never seen a love like this. If this's what you call love, then I don't want to be involved with you anymore. I was young in the streets. Didn't think about me. You could've took the time, but you were to blind to see. What you was missing at home, but you made the decision to do me wrong. YEAHHH!!!!

Chorus: The Secret. That's what started this drama the first place. Baby do you even remember her name? The Secret. Baby there's nothing to explain, I'm so whipped out of drama and pay the true game. The Secret!!!!! The friends told you, you would lose somethin good, you kept a Secret. All your apologizing and lies you can just Keep It. Cause I don't need this Im leaving. All because of your dirty little Secret.

Verse 2: Could you kept it real wit me babe. Tryin to make some money so that you can buy me all the thunder shades. I should've known better than to think. That you were late night creepin,sleepin,cheatin doing your own thing. I tried to be down for you baby, but I guess I was foolish to ever think. You, would be the man and you would keep it real. Ha!! I should've known betterrrrr. YEAHHH!!!!!

Chorus: 1x

Verse 3: No more cryin. No more tears. Get out of my life, get out of my life.(4x)


(Thanks to Xavier McKinney for these lyrics)
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