Lyrics to Secret Handshake
Secret Handshake Video:
Our innocence is lost, wasted, devoured
How many times I've thought of the stark contrast of then and now
But still you're here and it feels alright
and I'm left with the question plaguing my mind
Am I hanging on?
Maybe you're hanging on.

We don't change, we just grow older
Our hearts don't change they just grow colder
We wish for the future and run out to find it
As the present passes us by

But now I don't even want to find it
I'm lost in the present and I don't think I've ever felt better.

Each song I swear will be the last song
Each verse I swear will be the last one
Each day I swear will be the last day that i wake up and think of you

If you'd only listen then you'd understand
there's more that your missing then holding my hand
and if tomorrow it all was to end would you look back and smile?
you just forgot to smile.
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