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Lyrics to Secret Girl
I barely even know your name but I want you
I want it bad, want it bad,
I've got a crazy mind,
I can't fight it, I get that all the time, all the time.

So here goes my open letter to you
'cause I've been watching you from across the country
if I could be your starcrossed, more than friend
Yeah I would be so good to you, good to you.

And here goes my voice, I'll sing it out,
I wanna get so lost with you in the here and now
And there's nothing else,
I want to say, 'cause I'm losing my mind for you
so won't you be my secret girl.
You could be my secret girl
Yeah you could be my secret girl.

And if you look to the sky tonight (you will see)
I'm sending you a song, hope I'm singing it right
You could even be my heartbreak, I don't mind
Don't wanna keep you far, been so far ll my life, yeah

I've been watching you, watching ya girl
You're so pretty when you smile at the world
You leave me weak in the knees, never fell this far,
for somebody I've never met before.
With you I can tell...

And we'll live in a secret world.

In a secret world,
I wanna be there where you are
If I could only get that far with you
Oh oh oh...

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