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Secret Circle

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Strophe 1
My brother occurs
and swear the sacred vow
Be brave and pride
and everyone will save your life.

Nothing compares
the temple where our Father rules
Where the same applies to rich and poor
for endless trust

Be a part
of our secret life
Be a servant
of the Holy Truth
Our circle
will change your world
open your eyes
and follow us into the light

Strophe 2
With pride and care
climb to the highest peaks
Chosen one can find
wisely and without a fear

We support your rights
you´re helpless, fail in life
Doubtful madness nights
wisdom by our holy light

Higher and higher - wings of my soul
Among the thoughts - in love and dust

No heaven of darkens. No pain without fear
No pain of the heart, that talks about your fear.

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