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Pure Blood Doom

Lyrics to Season Of The Predator
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Fimbulwinter has come,
frigid prelude of doom
endless snowstorms,
murder frost prevails.

Mortals wait the summer in vain
winter follows winter.
The age of northern winds
sets upon the darkened world.

The age of knife,
The age of cloven shields
Death-throes of the nine worlds
Sunless reign of violence

Blood is shed over the frozen land,
no man spares his neighbor;
the veil of civilization torn, mercy forgotten
weakness a mortal sin.

Season of the predator:
Hunter becomes hunted...
Beasts of the barren wastes
prey upon mankind.

In the gulf of black grief
Nagelfar straining its chains...
The Adherer and the Hater
closing fast upon their prey...

The dread-spawn of Suttung
assault the watchman of gods;
Gjallar-horn retrieved
To awake the nine worlds.

Ship of dead sailing forth
Wolf-dog's bark growing...
Sinews of the binder
hold the evil no longer

Under the bloodred sky
Ragnarok coming down
Releasing the tormented world
Dealing the last merciful blow

Surtur's final triumph: End of all life
As fires send the earth
to the black silence unbroken
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