Lyrics to Sea Theory
Sea Theory Video:
Did you ever get an invitation?
A little window to another life?
Got so many tales
A lot of ales and rotten rails
Terrible discussions with the wife
Clawing at the arse-end of the evening
Watch me as I play their rotten game
I get my cods out by the dustbin of the gods
Stand there till the sun comes out again

I got a sea theory, gonna bore my friends
Sea theory, still pushing it
Sea theory, gonna act it out
Sea theory, haven't tested it

Spend a long time frowning at the sandwich
Wearily I bring it into play
Mona's bright: makes that shit looks so every night
Everything's enormous once again
Washed up with the seaweed and syringes
Tide comes in and then goes out again
It's so very foul and unbelievable banal
Underneath the boardwalk in the rain

I got a sea theory, gonna blow your mind
Sea theory, can't defend it
Sea theory, it's a piece of work
Sea theory, gonna make your teeth ache

Sea theory in the disco
One of many theories of the sea
Everybody's songs are neverending till they're gone
Carve a little pleasure out of me
Gonna get my dinner from the chip shop
Now I have to eat it on the hoof
Everybody sighs and everybody multiplies
No one cares too much about the truth

Got a sea theory, it's a pack of lies
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