Lyrics to Sea Of Love
Sea Of Love Video:
I met a little girl in springtime, she was nice and sweet Now that it is autumn I'm lonely out on the street Trying to find me someone who could possibly replace her And do what she had done to keep me warm in winter Ooh, how I loved you, I wonder if I still do Ooh, how you loved me, wasn't it all unreal I wonder how you feel I wonder how you feel right now Eating Mushrooms on a friday, that was all we did Later we laid down lazy and we had a rest I guess you know what happened, that's why I won't tell But man I can assure you she did it really well We took the plane to africa just to catch some sun You should have seen those natives, they were looking pretty dum When she took off her clothes and jumped naked in the sea and said: "Trust me, follow me, trust me, follow me, trust me, follow me" And I did and I drowned in the sea of love

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